Younger sister Younger sister[1]

Elder sister, elder sister

I have a story to tell,

My story of struggle, fight

My mother’s story of sacrifice and suffering

My grandmother’s story of loneliness and dignity.


How do I tell these three women’s stories;

stories of karma,

stories of acceptance,

of resistance,

stories of rejection and rebellion.

Elder sister elder sister

I live on the Wisdom

that you give me now,


Younger sister, younger sister

May be you have an interesting story,

a heart to heart story;

of accepted pain, sacrifice, suffering,

rejection, rebellion and courage.

Of action and decision,

With silence and endurance.


Your story is not a lonely journey

It is a story of us,

the women. Our story.

So tell my grandmother’s story

my mother’s story

my sister’s story.

To my little daughter

who will listen with interest

and will give you some Wisdom.

Wisdom which I cannot give;

for it might be my story too.

Her wisdom is my hope,

My growing, my action.


Vinathe Sharma

September, 2001, Wollongong

[1] I am grateful for the Marathi folk song which inspired me to write this little poem.





Younger Sister, Younger Sister…


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