101 Stories of Racism

“People from Malta are bad”

He moved towards me.
Sat down. Rather slowly.
I was slightly surprised.

We were in a medical practice –
in the kids’ play area.
I, my baby boy, him, and
Another woman, with her baby.

He picked up a toy.
“You know, people from Malta are bad.”

I didn’t understand.
That mother turned to us.
“Ummmmm…” I tried a response.
He repeated.
I still didn’t understand.

“Who said that?” That mother asked.
“My mum said all people
from Malta are bad.”

She looked at him. And, at me.
Her eyebrows went up.

“Why did she say they were bad?”
“Because, they’re all black people.
So they are bad.”

He wasn’t looking at anyone.
Just at the toy in his hand.

She asked for his age.
“I’m seven.”
She rolled her eyes.

I looked at him, lowered my glance to my dark brown feet.
Why did he remember …?

(Vinathe Sharma. June 21, 2005, Wollongong)


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