Storying between Running Rabbit and Travelling Tortoise

Storying between Running Rabbit and Travelling Tortoise
“So, how are you doing this morning, Rabbit?” asked Tortoise. “Um, I think I am fine,” replied Rabbit. Tortoise: “What are you up to today?” Rabbit: “You see, everybody is on a running race today. I thought I’d join the race. I came to ask you if you would join me…”
Tortoise: “Why do you want to race?” Rabbit: “I don’t really know. I like running. Can you run with me today?” Tortoise: “Well, I don’t have any reason to run. Generally speaking, I don’t run. Sorry. I like walking.” Rabbit: “But, I don’t normally walk. I need to hop and run.” Tortoise: “Well then, why don’t we go for a walk together?” Rabbit: “How’s that going to work, you’re walking and I’m hopping. We can’t talk to each other.” Tortoise: “Well then, how did you think I could join you for a run?” Rabbit: “You’re right. How did it happen in that story then? Tortoise: “You mean that old story where they made me race against a hare? “
Rabbit: “Yeah, that story. I didn’t like the end. They made the hare look so dumb. How awful it is when parents tell their kids they don’t want them to be lazy hares.” Tortoise: “Never mind. We’re what we are. You are a rabbit, you hop and run. I’m a tortoise, I walk and travel. We know it. We’re best at it.” Rabbit: “I know. At least you understand that. They didn’t. I don’t think the hare was lazy or he fell asleep in the middle of that race.”
Tortoise: “What do you reckon happened then?” Rabbit: “May be the hare was hungry so he munched on some fresh tender grass, drank water from the leaves. Oh, I am imagining his exciting life. Then a bumblebee came along, dancing. He decided to learn some dancing skills, so tried to follow her zigzag dance. Oh, I can imagine how many times he stumbled and fell and laughed his head off! Then he spotted a butterfly sitting on the big sunflower. I guess he marvelled at the butterfly drinking that nectar. How graceful were those wings flapping ever so gently. Then a fox came along. The hare spotted him first, thank goodness. So he hid in the bush safely and watched Mr. Fox peeing. Ha ha ha, that sounds hilarious! Then he remembered the race. But they had already ticked the clock. Not fair. That’s what I would like all those little kids to know. They should know what the hare did, instead of just plodding on the track. He laughed, ate, felt the fresh air, sang and danced. Anyway, what did you think of winning? Tortoise: “Do you think I liked the end either? Nope. Not in a million years I would drag on like that, without stopping even once. Not my style. I wouldn’t want to miss on all the fun things happening around me. They got it all wrong.”
Rabbit: “But… they said you were the winner. Didn’t you race?” Tortoise: “Oh yes, they did. But I didn’t think I was racing. I was so engrossed in my deep thinking, like tortoises do, you know. I kept walking. They thought I raced. Ha!” Rabbit: “Still, they picked you up as a good model.”
Tortoise: “They picked me up in the beginning as a slow crawler and then made me a persistent walker to win the race with concentration and effort. They introduced Mr. Hare as a fast runner then made him go to sleep losing the race. They said he was arrogant. You see, they want to make up things to suit their way. As long as it works for them! But they miss the whole point – we all live our life happily as we are. I live my life as a tortoise. You run like rabbits do. Whatever happens, happens as best as we are.” Rabbit: “Yeah, true. There are bumblebees, butterflies, sunflowers and foxes too. Lining us up together for their race just doesn’t work. There is no competition in our world. They will realise that one day.”


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