I used to take photos with my manual SLR camera, Fujica. I loved it. This camera was very precious to me. I bought it as a student, saving up my scholarship money and occasionally very rare cash gifts and also giving up a few things that my friends indulged in – movies, trendy clothes, buying lunch etc. It didn’t bother me much. For, I knew I had a goal and I was determined about achieving it. Buying a camera. That too, a SLR camera. Big feeling.Big dream.

Family and friends liked the photos that I took. I’d distribute them free of charge as a promotional gig! To sustain my photography interest my mother would give me money every month. Enough to buy just one single roll of Kodak colour film that normally had 36 exposures. Every single frame/exposure was invaluable to me not only for the money sake but also for the challenge I had. There was absolutely no room to waste even a single shot. Oh, that excitement when I’d load the film roll into the camera and expose the very first frame. Then, carefully, very very cautiously I’d reach 39 frames. If I reached the 40th frame that was unbelievable! And Of course, the obsession, the passion, the racing heart, the patience. I saw poetry in my photos. I wrote stories with my photos.

I lived in an orthodox, traditional, middle class family life environment – nobody understood my passion for photography. For, no girl was taking photos in my then world. Those frowns! I was a big question mark in everybody’s mind!

Fast forward. A few years ago I saw the photos that my niece had taken with her digital SLR camera as a student. I appreciated her photography. She said she often looked at the photos that I had taken when she was a little kid. She said my photography was good. Her mother (my sister) had recognised the same passion that I had in her own daughter. That was my day!

Here are some photos that I took with my phone camera yesterday at Doddington Lake.











Lest I forget


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