If you can smile as a child does
love as a mother does,

If you can understand a tear,
feel a wrinkle’s story,
appreciate a thorn in your foot,

If you can flow as a river,
stand like a mountain,

If you can smell the earth,
drink that raindrop, reflect the sun,

If you can walk with,
and live your moments together

yes, I know you.

If you know the brightness
of a flower’s colour,
wonder of a bloom,
the peace in folding petals and going to sleep

The rhythm of a tone branches weave
The purpose of a bird’s song in the wild,

If you know the fullness of my empty moments,
The space your weaknesses open up for me,

You know me.

When we know the sparkle in our eyes,
Conversation our hearts make,

The richness of our silence
With its vibrant stillness,

Yes, we know our Path.
– Vinathe Sharma

I wrote the above poem in late 2001. It does speak about who I am and how I wish my life to be like. I like to reflect a lot about my lived world. I like to live with my ActionAbl-ity. I like to connect with people who are reflective, peaceful, who believe in justice, who practice simplicity in life. My blogging topics are diverse.





6 thoughts on “Knowing

  1. This is such a beautiful, heartfelt poem, and there isn’t a word in there I don’t love! Wonderful, wonderful emotions, and such a glimpse into you! I look forward to reading many more posts by you. Happy blogging, from a fellow Blogging 101 UK blogger ! ^_^

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