Blogging101 – What’s the story of my blog name?
‘Vinathe Sharma’s Actionable Space’
I was born and raised in India. The country has a thick patriarchal society. Even before my birth there were expectations that I be born as a boy. I whitewashed such expectations, bringing into this world my own colours as a girl! So, I was unwanted to many.
My mother nurtured me; she filled me with her strength. Her dilemmas as an Indian traditional high-caste woman opened up my reflective space even as a very young child. Growing up, I strongly resisted and questioned patriarchal practices. I saw less meaning in the caste system and social stratification. I realised religions were different to spirituality. Indian society was a paradox, a chaotic socio-cultural system. Yet, the same society offered a solid ground for alternatives and changes. Indian soil carries a distinctive, informal liberation. It has a singular kind of order within. I celebrated both.
I loved the alternative paths. I etched my own. Much against my family’s wishes, exasperating them eternally. They were hurt. So was I. Swimming against the current can be, sometimes, very painful. Life, when not worked out like an equation with calculations, only deposits more questions on your shore. I could grow life’s many pedagogies from those rich deposits. They were the lessons of life for me. I totally owned my lived experience. Sometimes, challenging situations and circumstances had the power to pin me down and choke me. Through my ‘free’ thinking, choices, decisions and actions I was able to turn them into boats that I could journey on. Experiences were my paddles.
I moved forward. With ethical standpoints and conscientization. I am writing diverse narratives across the canvas of my Actionable Space. I am able to act to change the realities others create to frame me.
Actionable Space is the critical construct that I developed in my PhD thesis. My doctoral degree research was a study of ‘being an educated woman’ experience. The construct itself, perhaps, originated with my own birth as a girl. It evolved over the years, just like me as a person, in my life world. Actionable Space is everybody’s lived narrative. It is everyone’s canvas. Just add your own palette of colours!
Vinathe Sharma


Blogging101: What’s the story of my blog name?


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