There are They.
Everywhere. They are there.
Brightened by the sun. Clouded by the mist.
Glistening with hues. Shades of everything.
Just being there. May be boring.
Forget. Forgotten. Forgiving.
Just being present. Indulging. Absent.
Neglectful. Pampering. Loving.
Asking. Reminding.
Oh, forever, every moment.
Lost, escaping, yet returning.
Found, grateful, willingly rooted.
Compelling. Conflicting. Contradicting.
Yet, connecting. The caregivers.
The confluences of every Thing.
They are these. And those.
There are They. Everywhere.
Girls of this Earth.

Vinathe Sharma


coverpage girl

Original Photos: E.Brymer


The Confluences


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