The riddle of divisions finding wholesome

A few weeks ago we stood on a bridge.

Because, we couldn’t proceed crossing that bridge. There were others in front of us, stopped in their steps. People on either end of the bridge were trying to get going for their own reasons. We found out that a TV channel was recording a singer on the other end of the bridge for a fund-raising event. Oh, let’s watch, I said to the two totally uninterested children. It emerged that they would move to the middle for the second recording.

When they did move some people went over to the side of the singer to appear in the programme alongside her. As we didn’t do that, somehow we happened to stand next to the TV channel’s crew with their recording equipment, looking at the singer. The TV team asked people on the two ends of the bridge to be patient, promising it all would take only a few minutes. Whilst getting ready with their headphones and communication process, a crew member commented how some people were trying to push through the crowd to cross the bridge. The singer said something. The word ‘immigrants’ fell on my ears, loud and clear.

Britain is living a historical moment today.

Many countries of this human-constructed world – geographically and politically bordered – have had their historical moments or are going through transitions. The significant political moment of today’s Britain is a past for some countries. Forced, voluntary, compromised, wilfully, calculative, negotiated or accepted.

Ancient and modern history lessons in school have informed us of all those invasions, occupations, settlements and migrations – authorised and unauthorised. I think there are only a few countries left in this world whose peoples are not products of such inter-mixing between natives and others.

Humans are always on the move. Very few find acceptance. Most are intruders.

Historical anecdotes reveal too many such intruders.

Finding wholesome is impossible for divisions.


Vinathe Sharma


The riddle of divisions finding wholesome


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