A wave

Eternal, infinite, constant

Such patience, your endurance.


Relentless, recapturing

Returning, reverberating

To stay on

sustain, replenish

to be with.



A child galloping

on the shore

Lovers’ eyes set

on the evening sun.

A baby finding

her head-rest on

the mother’s chest

Comforting rise and fall

Act like a chime.

20160823_161952.jpgYou are like

a teen’s hissing

arms thrown up

in the air,

despair cannot be

your fare.20160823_190920.jpg


Drifting apart

returning to kiss the

sand on the shore

But for a moment

It is separation

In the measure of time

It is but

a nod with a smile.


Like a couple, aging.

Touching each other’s

hands but with their eyes.

Reflecting, rejuvenating.


Eager, waiting, yearning – ­

to surrender, to empty;

only to fill again with

an unknown spring.


It’s a coming. It’s a stay.



A wave


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